Press Release: Zivver Launches Chrome Extension for Gmail to Help Google Workspace Users Protect Email Data

Our market-leading innovative software, and the preferred solution for millions of Microsoft users, is by popular demand now also available for Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) users.

Intuitive technology safeguards against data leaks, alerting users to potential mistakes before they hit ‘send’

LONDON and AMSTERDAM – 12 November 2020 –


, a challenger business in secure communications, today announced the availability of Zivver for Gmail, bringing the potential of enhanced email security and user experience to the

millions of organisations worldwide using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite


The smart technology alerts users of potential mistakes in real-time, while they are typing – before information is sent. They are then offered the option to send this information securely via the extension. The Zivver for Gmail extension gives organisations an effective way to prevent data leaks while not having to change their way of working.

“We are proud to be able to launch our secure email tool for the growing number of organisations using Gmail. With Zivver for Gmail, organisations can share sensitive information via email with complete peace of mind. This applies to both the information in the email and files in the attachments,” said Rick Goud, CIO & co-founder of Zivver.

“Normal email is not secure enough for organisations that share sensitive client, employee, or company information. This is because email originated in the 1960s, when privacy and security were still relatively unknown concepts. Normal email lacks functionality to prevent human error (such as a wrongly addressed email), intercept messages and the ability to limit the impact of a data breach. Our smart technology therefore provides real-time alerts when users are about to make an error. What’s more, our rock-solid encryption and two-factor authentication protect communications from unauthorised access, both from vendors such as Google and Microsoft, as well as malicious users and hackers,” continued Goud.


, identified as one of the five representative vendors in the ‘Email Data Protection Specialists’ category in Gartner’s ‘2020 Market Guide for Email Security’, has always integrated seamlessly with the world’s most popular work email client, Microsoft Outlook (Desktop and Microsoft 365). Today’s announcement means the same user experience is now applicable to Gmail. This means that organisations can securely email and share files without having to leave Gmail.

Goud explained, “One of the biggest challenges organisations face when introducing new tools is modifying people’s work habits. Zivver comfortably fits in with existing ways of working. Users can easily add Zivver to their Gmail workflow and send communications as they normally would. Our extension adds value to Gmail by safeguarding against data leaks and improving compliance with regulations including the GDPR, DPA and HIPAA.”

Pioneering healthcare organisation


, active in 25 countries, participated in Zivver’s Gmail beta testing. “Our employees already know Gmail,” said Danielle Gérard, Project Manager of Buurtzorg. “The ‘Zivver button’ makes it possible to send emails – with attachments – safely and easily from our own Gmail client.”

“Because we are a nationwide organisation, we had to deal with many different types and providers of secure mail systems, with all kinds of working methods, login methods, and so on. With Zivver we opted for one ‘universal’ system for all our employees and teams, with which email can be sent to all addresses. As well as to non-Zivver users. In addition, awareness (by means of alerts) for employees for whom this was not yet known is a great advantage,” continued Gérard.

For more information about Zivver’s new Gmail extension, alongside its other secure digital communication solutions, please visit


About Zivver:

Zivver is a European technology scale-up focused on helping organisations safeguard their sensitive data, while ensuring compliance and preventing data leaks. It is the only vendor to protect digital information in all three stages of email and file transfer transmission – before, during and after sending. Zivver optimises safe communication and productivity by adding a security and privacy layer on top of organisations’ existing email systems, such as Outlook (Desktop and Microsoft 365) and Gmail. Zivver was identified as a Representative Vendor for Email Data Protection Specialists in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Email Security. Founded in 2015 by CIO Rick Goud, Zivver has grown to over 110 employees and 3,500 organisations as customers, including 40% of Dutch hospitals and local government and the entire Dutch Judicial System. To date, Zivver has raised over $30 million in funding via DN Capital, henQ capital, Dawn Capital and SmartFin, supplemented by an innovation credit from ABN AMRO Bank.

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